Abbie de Quant produces adventurous programs that cross perimeters and are full of contradictions. She searches, time after time, for a combination of various art forms such as poetry, visual art and music. She rather does trenchant work than limit herself into a musical corner. Thus, she worked with Henk van Ulsen on Poetry Aloud (Vasalis) and was responsible with the poet/painter Lucebert for the program “Oh Lovely Scar.
The scenery for this production consisted of drawings done (created) by Lucebert.

In addition to traditional programs, Abbie de Quant wants to expand the flute repertoire with contemporary music. To realize this, composers regularly receive commissions.
Thus, wrote Willem Jeths a composition/performance for her and she combined text and music in a work by Ron Ford especially composed for her.

One of her sources of inspiration is the magical element of the flute throughout the centuries. In ancient Japan it was believed that the sound of the flute could reach the world of the death. Another source of inspiration is the similarity between flute and voice.
In 2007 season another series of concerts surrounding Abbie de Quant took place in the Small Auditorium at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam titled:Sounding Movement.
This theme can be literally considered: movement which played an important part in those concerts in the Kleine Zaal and the surrounding space. But also figuratively: music and movement are often inseparably connected. As scenery in this series of Russian, Georgian and Dutch music, paintings and statues of the Russian artist Savkuyev were used which corresponded with the themathics of the music.

The majority of this program can be heard on the cd “Music in Motion” released in 2009 by Challenge Records Fine LIne.