In the past seasons, Abbie de Quant has organized spectacular series in the Small auditorium of the Concertgebouw and has created two music theater productions which were performed throughout the country. She, furthermore, has given many successful concerts in the cadre of various chamber music.

She has created a number of programs:

 Suggestion 1

With Elizabeth van Malde piano

“Music in Motion”

Music for flute and piano from Russia, Georgia and The Netherlands in which movement is the central theme.
In 2009 a new cd by Challenge Records appreared on which the majority of this varied music can be heard.

“Music in Motion”

W.Wilms 1772-1847 Sonate in D, opus 33
R.Zuidam 1964 Four Movements
O.Taktakishvili 1924-1989 Sonate
S.Gubaidulina 1931 Allegro Rustico
S.Rachmaninov 1873-1943 Vocalise opus 34 no 2
S.Prokofjev 1891-1953 Sonate No. 2 opus

 Suggestion 2

Abbie de Quant flute
Mick Stirling cello
Elizabeth van Malde piano

J. Haydn 1732-1809 Trio in G groot
M. Bruch 1838-1920 Andanteop. 83, no. 1
Nachtgesang op. 83, no. 6
B. Martinu 1890-1959 Trio
L. Farrenc 1804-1875 Trio op. 45
J. Dichler 1912-1993 Trio

Further choice possibilities, i.e.

H. Villa-Lobos Assobio a Játo (fluit en Cello); Fr. Kuhlau Trio in G, op. 119
F. Mendelssohn Trio d moll op. 49; Ph. Gaubert Trois Aquarelles
C. M. von Weber Trio op. 63

Suggestion 3

With pianist Rudolf Jansen

“Franse Muziek voor Fluit en Piano”

Ph. Gaubert 1889-1941 Sonate No. 1
O. Messiaen 1908-1992 Le Merle Noir
Cl. Debussy 1862-191 Bilitis
H. Dutilleux 1916 Sonatine
Albert Roussel 1869-1937 Andante et Scherzo
C. Franck 1822-1890 Sonate

Voorstel 4

With harpist Anton Sie

C.Ph. E. Bach 1822-1890 Sonate in G groot
P. Ben- Haim 1897-1984 Two Songs Songs without Words
H. Badings 1907-1987 Cavatina (altfluit en harp)
G. Pierné 1863-1937 Impromptu Caprice op. 9 (harp solo)
E. Carter 1908 Bariolage 1992 (harpsolo
G. Fauré 1845-1924 Fantaisie
C. Saint-Saën 1835-1921 Fantaisie
I. Yun 1917-1995 Sori (fluit solo)
Fr. Borne1840-1920 Fantaisie sur Carmen

Contrasts and similarities in search of the Eastern soul. Of both musicians their lie in the Far East. They take you on their search for similarities and differences in composing style of the composers from China, Japan, Korea and the West.

A choice of works from the following will be performed:

Qigang Chen , Zhou Long, Hirose, Takemitsu, Yun, C. Ph. E. Bach, Fauré, Debussy, Badings, Bizet/Borne.

Suggestion 5

Anton Sie harp en Frank Brakkee altviool
“Franse muziek voor fluit, altviool en harp”

C. Saint-Saëns (1835-1921) Fantaisie Op. 24 (fluit en harp)
F. Devienne (1759-1803) Deux Duos Concertants (fluit en altviool)
G. Pierné (1863- 1937) Impromptu Caprice op.9 (harp solo)
M. Ravel (1875-1937) Sonatine en Trio (fluit, altviool en harp)
F. Borne (1840-1920) Fantaisie sur Carmen (fluit en harp)
C. Debussy (1862-1918) Sonate (1916) (fluit,altviool en hatp)

Suggestion 6

“Hommage ã Poulenc”

Abbie de Quant, fluit
Elizabeth van Malde, piano.

Charles Koechlin 1867-1950 Sonate
Paul Taffanel 1844-1908 Andante Pastoral et Scherzettino,
Dick Kattenburg 1919-1944 Sonate opus 5 (1937)
Arthur Honegger 1892-1955 Danse de la Chèvre (fluit solo),
Henri Dutilleux 1916 Sonatine
Bart Visman 1962 Lied zonder woorden 2003,
Jan Bus 2003, 1961 Cherchez l’orange
Germaine Tailleferre 1892-1983 Forlane, 1972
Francis Poulenc 1899-1963 Sonate 1957

A cd of this program appeared by Challenge Reords.

All of these programs can be negotiated and accommodated as desired.