Caroline Ansink

It is an extraordinary privilege to be a student of Abbie de Quant, not only because of her mastery in technique and because she belongs to one of the best know flutists of the Netherlands, but more so because her vision toward the flute repertory and music in general are invasive and inspiring. Under her guidance I had the opportunity to improve as a flutist until I received the diploma for Performing Musician – but she also formed me as a composer because she convinced me that in making music, at whatever level, it is about in what way what expression is given to each tone in order to include the audience to be part of a unique experience. Therefore, she does not give her students easy assignments: unfailing technique is a sine qua non condition, in which every individual has to find his/her own expression and phrasing. As a result, no two students of Abbie de Quant will sound the same. What they have in common, however, is that the profession is so well mastered that, at any time, in the service of music it can be engaged toward an inspired and passionate flight.